Samaguri Beel


Samaguri Beel is a wetland located about 25 km away from Nagaon town. The word beel means a lake-like wetland. The Samaguri Beel was formed by the changing course of the river Kolong. It is also popularly known as Pokhi Tirtha or Bird Pilgrimage. A variety of migratory birds visits this place during winter from all over the world. The mesmerizing view of the lake is one of the most popular things to see and when the wetland is surrounded by migratory birds then it turns out to be a key point of attraction for the visitors.

Location: It is located about 25 km away from Nagaon town.

How to reach: One can go to the Samaguri beel by government buses and auto-rickshaws are also available. One can also hire private cabs for reaching the Beel directly in no time.