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Last Updated on: April 20, 2022

Nagaon [নগাওঁ] is an administrative district in the Indian state of Assam. At the time of the 2011 census it was the most populous district in Assam, but since Hojai district has split that title was lost to Dhubri.It became a municipality in the year 1893. The eastern, western, and southern fringes of the newly organized district were once ruled by different small feudal kings or their agents. An extensive and undulating plain intersected bby big and small hills and rivers- the geography of the segments determined who their masters ought to be. The residual effects of the rule of the Bhuyans were imaginatively  utilized and reorganized by Momai Tamuli Barbarooah, an intrepid officer of the Ahom King Pratap Singa in the first half of the Seventeenth Century. This area, until then, was more of strategic than administrative concern. It was a newly organized village system- hence called “Nagaon”, Na meaning new.

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Indian film actress Sharmila tagore’s maternal grandfather is noted Nagaon-born author Jnanadabhiram Barua.

Lakshminath Bezbaruah was born on a boat, as in stood moored in a sand bank of the Brahmaputra at Ahatgrui, near Raha on the Lakshmi Purnima nght, on 14 October , 1864 A.D.

“Raja Kheda Naganya”

Bhotai Deka a young patriot of Bhotai Gaon near Nagaon Town had brutally Killed Laluk Sola Borphukan in 1602 Saka( 1880 B.C ) and relieved the people from his atrocities. Sindhura Hazarika, another youth-led the disgruntled villagers against the infamous

Ahom King Gaurinath Shiha who camped near Rupahi Village after the Moamoriya rebellion and let loose a reign of terror.

The king had to flee from his camp. So, the people of Nagaon are also known as “Raja Kheda Naganya”

The female version of the evergreen Bollywood song Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna from the Hindi film Kudrat was rendered by

Padma Shri Parveen Sultan, who hails from Nagaon.

Ananda Ram Dhekial Phookan was one of the pioneers of Assamese literature who started his literature life at the age of 17. He was appointed as junior Assistant commissioner of Nagaon.

Bhogeswari Phukanani was shot dead at Barhampur, Nagaon when she tried to protect the honor of her granddaughter,

Ratnamala, from whose hands the British had snatched away the Indian flag.