Message from the Deputy Commissioner

Last Updated on: July 19, 2022

"In the era of Information technology when almost every aspect of human life is directly or indirectly influenced by modern IT Techniques/Tools. Its became very much essential for us to gear up and update our working style with modern paradigm to deliver services to citizens in a transparent and friendly manner.This website is designed as a best medium of Information dissemination & communication between you and us. Beside this your role as a end user is very important to make it this more effective and citizen friendly."

Narendra Kr. Shah, IAS
                                                                        Narendra Kr. Shah, IAS

Deputy Commissioner, Nagaon.

Tele Phone -03672-233185 (Office) 
-03672-233193, -03672-233202 (residence)
-03672-233222 (FAX)