Last Updated on: March 16, 2022

The district Nagaon is located in the very heartland of Assam and lies directly at the center of Northeast India. Agriculture is the backbone of the district while fishery is another major economy of the district. As per the Census (2011), the district Nagaon has the total population of 18,92,550 with 742 persons per sq.km. with 8 numbers of towns, 13 Development Blocks, 1012 villages, one Zila Parishad, 13 Anchalik Parishad and 172 Gaon Panchayats.
The district Nagaon has the huge water resources in the form of Ponds & Tanks (5579.30 ha), Beel fisheries (6882.05 ha), derelict water bodies (22338.73 ha) and forest fisheries (184.40 ha) and other water bodies including river and tributaries. The district has occupied first position in fish production while third position in seed production in the State during 2017-18. Since last many years, district has been occupying the top position in terms of fish production in the State. Fisheries and aquaculture is the lifeline of district and next to agriculture