National Food Security Mission (NFSM)

  • Last Updated on: April 06, 2022
  • Launch Date : Not Available
  • Source : Nagaon
  •   The National Development Council (NDC) in its 53rd meeting held on 29th May, 2007 adopted a resolution to launch a Food Security Mission comprising rice, wheat and pulses to increase the production of rice by 10 million tons, wheat by 8 million tons and pulses by 2 million tons by the end of the Eleventh Plan (2011-12). Accordingly, a Centrally Sponsored Scheme, 'National Food Security Mission' (NFSM), was launched in October 2007. The Mission is being continued during 12th Five Year Plan with new targets of additional production of food grains of 25 million tons of food grains comprising of 10 million tons rice, 8 million tons of wheat, 4 million tons of pulses and 3 million tons of coarse cereals by the end of 12th Five Year Plan. 

    The National Food Security Mission (NFSM) during the 12th Five Year Plan will have five components:-NFSM- Rice, NFSM-Wheat, NFSM-Pulses,NFSM-Coarse cereals, NFSM-Commercial Crops. In Nagaon district NFSM-Pulses scheme is going on.