Bharali Naamghar


Bharali Naamghar is situated at Hatbar, Bharali village. As the history goes this Namghar was burnt down during the Burmese invasion of Assam and was rebuilt by the local people. One interesting fact of this Namghar is that the ‘laikhuta’, the main pillar is made from the Tulsi tree (Holy Basil). One belief is that if you pray for a wish, your prayer won’t go unanswered.

Magh Purnima or Makar Sankranti has considered a very auspicious day and scores of people gather here to pray.  Spirituality lies in the sound of Doba and Borkaah(instruments to play during prayer) that remove the negative power and welcome positivity. To perform ‘Naam-Prasanga'(communal prayer) and ‘Bhaona' (theatrical performance) in Sankar Jayantee and Madhab Janyantee is a rich tradition in Bharali Naamghar.

Location: It is located about 67 km away via Hatbor from Nagaon town.

How to reach: One can hire a taxi from Nagaon town or can use the local bus services/tempo services to reach out the place.