Jungal Balahu


Jungal Balahu was the son of King Arimatta, the Tiwa King. He was a brave warrior and lots of legendary myths prevailed on the strength of Jungal Balahu. Jungal Balahu set up his temporary capital at this site to fight with the enemies by constructing a high embankment overnight. This site is known as Jungal Balahu Garh. A big departmental fishery with multiple ponds is a hub of pisciculture. Recently a statue of the great Tiwa king, brave warrior Jungal Balahu was erected at Jongal Bolohu Garh. The statue is now another attraction for tourists.

Location: It is located about 25 km west of Nagaon Town.

How to reach: One can hire a taxi from Nagaon town or can use the local tempo services to reach the place.