Works/ Services under the Office:

Last Updated on: March 29, 2022
  1. Assistant Director, Handloom & Texiles, Nagaon – All the sub-offices of the district under ADHT, Nagaon is supervised and monitored with respect to the schemes provided by the Directorate of Handloom & Textiles, Assam. Also, state schemes and central schemes are executed by this primary office. Variety of handloom products are produced by the weavers under Weavers Extension Service Unit(s).


  1. Weavers Extension Service Unit – The WESU(s) function is to produce handloom fabrics by the weavers under their service area. Products such as Phulam Gamusa, Chadar Mekhela, Check Gamusa, Chelleng etc. are produced with innovative design & motifs. These end products are sold in the WESU(s) itself and also in exhibitions and mela programme organised by the ADHT, Nagaon. In total 5 nos. of WESU(s) are established in Nagaon, Ghahibhatikuri, Dhing, Kampur and Kaliabor.


  1. Handloom Training Centre –  The main objective of the 5 nos. of HTC(s) located at Raha, Kachamari, Hatichung, Dhakinpat & Kuworitol is to provide the students with 1 year training of Artisan course conducted by the Directorate of H & T, Assam. These students are given theory and practical knowledge of handloom activities. After completing this 1 year Artisan course the students can pursue Higher Training in the Handloom Training Institutes (HTIs) of the department.


  1. Co-operative Sector – The Co-operative sector is another integral part of the Department. This sector works in co-ordination with handloom sector. This sector organised Primary Weaving Co-operative Societies with a minimum of 100 weavers in various places of the district. Almost all weavers of the district are covered by these PWCS. The PWCS organised locally at least 100 weavers in the society. The weavers are engaged in production of various types of handloom fabrics. These products are sold locally and also in exhibition and mela programme organised by the Handloom & Textile department.