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Last Updated on: January 11, 2022

ILRMS - Integrated Land Record Management System :

Integrated Land Record management System is a digitized online system of all module related to Land record system. This online computerized module has been implemented from 18th of March, 2017 at Nagaon district. This module smoothly going on all 7 circles of Nagaon.  Maintenance of authentic land records is key to efficient management of land. Manual system of record keeping has not proved adequate and been marked by opacity, untimely updation or non-updation, corruption and harassment to the people. State Government took the decision to launch web-based Integrated Land records management System as an answer to all these problems by ensuring interconnectivity among the Revenue Circle, Sub-registrar, Deputy Commissioners' offices and the Directorate of land Records.

The Integrated land Records System has four components –

1. NOC : online system of issuing NOC for the transfer of immovable property, as required under section 21A of the Registration Act

2. Dharitry : online system for updation of land records.

3. e-Panjiyan : online system for registration of property, and online system for land revenue collection.

4. Online system for land revenue collection

All these four systems can talk to one another and ensure optimum efficiency, transparency and accountability in the revenue administration. The Integrated Land Records Management System ensures that all the processes for the transfer and registration of land and updation of land records, like, Mutation, partition, Conversion, and Reclassification, and land revenue collection are handled online and people will have access to the land records online.

Among four important components, Dharitre and NOC play vital rule at Circle Offices. Here is the process for citizen how to avail these mentioned services online:

Sl. No

Service Name

Supporting Documents

Fees Structure

Time line in Days


Office Partition

Khajana receipt, Jamabandi, partition form, photos of applicant.




90 Working Days.



Office Mutation

Registered Deed, NOC, Khajana receipt, photo of applicant, affidavit.




60 Working Days


Land Reclassification

Jamabandi copy, Khajana receipt, photos with plot of land.

No Fees Required



Field partition

Partition form, Khajana receipt, jamabandi, photos of applicant.

No Fees Required



Field Mutation

Registered deed, khajana receipt, jamabandi copy, photos of applicant.

No Fees Required



Citizen Centric

Issue of Jamabandi Copy
Land holding trace map
1. For issue jamabandi copy,citizen need to fillup a jamabandi form and submit to assistant along with uptodate khajana receipt.



1)For jammabandi issue ,First page Rs.20 and for additional Rs10 per page.

2)For land holding only Rs.20 with trace map Rs. 30




Khajana receipt,jamabandi,Gaon Buha proman potro

Treasury challan with government vale  for the land which to be converted


Various Forms related to Office Partition: (Click on the texts to download and print)

1) Form1 = Details of Office Partition (অফিচ বাটো‌ৱাৰাৰ স‌ৱিশেষ) 

2) Form2 = Main form of Office Partition (বাটো‌ৱাৰা ফৰ্ম) 

3) Form3 = Notice of Circle officer (চক্ৰ বিষয়াৰ জাননী)

Various Forms related to Office Mutation (Click on the texts to download and print)

1) Form1= Details of Office Mutation (অফিচ নমজাৰীৰ সৱিশেষ)

2) Form2= Main Form for Office Mutation (অফিচ নামজাৰীৰ মূল দৰখাস্ত)

3) Form3= Notice of Circle Officer (চক্ৰ বিষয়াৰ জাননী)

Application Form for Field Mutation (Click on this line to download and print)

NOC ( Land Sale Permission)  :

Citizen have to apply in Circle offices. There is a form for NOC which to be fillup by the applicant and submit it to the assistant. The required documents for apply land sale permission is listed below.

1. Court Fee

2. Photograph of Buyer and Seller

3. Declaration of Consideration. In case of Flat value of both Flat area and apportionment of Land

4. Uptodate Revenue Receipt (Khajana Rashid)

5. Citizenship of Purchaser(Certified Copy of Voter list/Passport etc).

6. Land Patta (if Available)

7. Affidavit of Buyer and Seller or Power of Attorney Holder

8. Photo ID of Buyer and Seller

9. Power of Attorney copy (if the Seller is a Attorney Holder)

10. Pattadar to submit affidavit in favour of POA Holder.

11. Authority/NOC of Co-partner in case of flat.

12. NOC from Co-pattadar

13. GMC/GMDA/Municipality/Town Committee receipt/occupancy certificate in case of flat.

14. PAN/TAN Card.